Steel Rule Die Partnership

The Story of Atlas Die

A pioneer from the start, Atlas Die began in a small building in Elkhart, Indiana, and grew to be one of the largest die makers in the United States. Learn more about us. Meet our team. Find out what makes us different and about our passion for Keeping You Sharp.

A Die Maker is Born

In 1952, an industry leader was born in Elkhart, Indiana.  After two years of producing steel rule dies part-time in his basement, S. Ray Miller, the founder of Atlas Die, moved the operation into its first building and Atlas Die began. In 1969, we revolutionized steel rule diemaking with the development and introduction of laser technology into the diemaking process. Laser cutting replaced jigsaws in the cutting of the die base resulting in greater precision.  Today Atlas Die produces over 150,000 die products each year.

Atlas Steel Rule Die
Atlas Steel Rule Die

Passion for Innovation

Furthering our passion for innovation, in 1981, we patented the Steel Bonded Die and have continued to invent new ways to increase quality and efficiency in the diecutting process. We were the first to use Angle Lock technology in 2005 and our patented innovations include products for embossing, stripping, blanking and cutting. Our team of die experts invest their time in our customers’ facilities looking for opportunities to develop new products and processes.  If there is an easier and better way to diecut, our team will find it.

Manufacturing Depth

In 1988 we began a series of acquisitions to grow our die making business, product lines and technology. We have since made seven acquisitions including facilities in Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia, and Massachusetts. We currently have multiple steel rule die locations around the U.S. giving us unmatched manufacturing depth and resources. Our equipment list includes lasers, WaterJet cutter, automated rule benders, grinding machines, rule processors and nicking machines.

Atlas Steel Rule Die
Atlas Die

Partners for the Future

Today we have amassed not only the largest die manufacturing operation but the most comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the converting and die cutting markets.  Our product line extends far beyond our suite of steel rule dies.

  • Atlas Chem-Milling is a full-service chemical etching facility producing a range of flexible rotary dies.  ACM’s initial focus was to manufacture anvil dies for pressure sensitive labels and business forms, counterplates for steel rule dies and rotary die systems. Today our Chem-Milling division has expanded into other product lines such as embossing, crafts, flexible circuits, medical forms and gaming and lottery products.
  • Bernal LLC is the innovator in the use of progressive embossing, forming, creasing and cutting for web converting. Bernal’s line of solid dies includes RP dies, crush cut dies and folding carton systems that produce a variety of outcomes including liquid packaging, medical products, printed circuits and consumer packaging.
  • Midway Rotary Die Solutions designs and produces fully hardened solid rotary dies for a wide variety of markets including automotive, medical, packaging and label. Midway excels at difficult rotary cutting jobs including tight tolerances, abrasive materials and complex shapes.

We are passionate about Keeping You Sharp. Partner with us as we continue to lead, innovate and educate the die cutting industry.