Detailed Die Cuts with the Eagle Die

  • Ideal for Detailed Cutting

  • Eagle Insert for cutting Intricate Shapes in Cartons

  • Detailed Window Openings

  • Eagle Insert cuts Carton Zipper Opening

Facing challenges in your die cutting business? Turning away jobs because you can’t cut detailed shapes? The Eagle Die from Atlas Die is revolutionizing die cutting by expanding cutting options far beyond traditional steel rule and rotary die cutting constraints.

Chemically etched and machine sharpened, the Eagle Die can be built to die cut virtually any shape.  Additionally the Eagle Die can be used on a wide variety of platen presses as a stand-alone die or as an insert in a steel rule die.

Folding Carton Converters

The Eagle Die provides a seamless cutting knife that can be used as a stand alone die or with a Steel Rule Die.  By eliminating natural nicks where steel rule joints come together, the Eagle Die delivers a consistent and repeatable die cut with tight tolerances.  The die is easy to mount and register reducing make ready times.

Commercial Printers

The Eagle Die gives commercial printers the ability to die cut in-house detailed shapes that previously were not possible or only available through laser cutting.  Compatible with most flat cutting presses, the Eagle Die provides printers with the opportunity to expand their business with labels, packaging, or virtually any die cut application. The Eagle Die is also ideal for kiss-cut applications.

Find out how you can use the Eagle Die to eliminate your die cutting headaches.