Atlas Institute

The Atlas Institute

A Team of Experts At Your Disposal

Partnering with Atlas gives you access to a team of experts with decades of experience in the die cutting and converting industries.  The Atlas team is dedicated to your success through on-site support services and on-press training for all aspects of die cutting.

Pre-Make Ready

Pre-Make Ready training helps you achieve your make-ready goals through best practices prior to going to press.


During change over, tool handling is key to limiting down time between runs. Post-Press training shows how to maximize tool life and minimize set-up during the next production run.

Make-Ready Training

Learn the best practices in make-ready including correct taping methods and patching.  Once a new process has been developed, the on-press training focuses on implementation.

High Speed Stripping & Blanking

Learn about new industry innovations in high speed stripping and blanking. The importance of substrates, design orientation and upstream information is a major focus of the training.

Press Upgrades

Have an older press? Need to minimize make-ready times? Our team can determine the feasibility for press upgrades including skewing devices, 1 mm plate systems and micro-adjustment.

Embossing Set Up

Take the headache out of embossing set ups. This training focuses on complete embossing set up for in-line and double pass applications using the ProEasy Set. Design limitations and options are discussed in full.

Press Leveling

A level cutting bed minimizes make-ready time and reduces damage to the cutting rule.  Press footprinting corrects trouble areas in the cutting station to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Process Reviews

Identify additional time savings and process improvements in your entire manufacturing process. Areas of focus include Pre-Make Ready, On-Press Techniques, Finishing, Design and Make-Ready.

New Technology Reviews

Wondering how you can take advantage of all the newest die cutting press technology?  We’ll show you how!  We provide training and services to incorporate the newest die and press solutions.