Medical Steel Rule Dies

Precision and Durability – Medical Steel Rule Dies

Atlas Die has been manufacturing medical steel rule dies for decades and has developed the exacting expertise necessary to create precise cutting tools. Our experienced die makers are capable of crafting steel rule dies with tight tolerances to meet the medical market specifications. Atlas dies are used in clean room cutting environments to create FDA-approved devices such as tissue heart valves. Additional applications include grafts, surgical instruments and electrotherapy products.

  • Our unique die substrates include a transparent plexiglass die base ideal for easy registration of medical steel rule dies. Additional substrates include the heat-tolerant Rayform and durable yet lightweight Gamma Die.
  • The Atlas Eagle Die replaces steel rule with a single piece of steel formed and etched chemically. The result is a flat cutting die with improved tolerances and cutting angles beyond steel rule die capabilities – ideal for medical applications

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Medical Steel Rule Die