Steel Rule Die Insight

Steel Rule Die Ordering Guide

Steel rule dies come in all shapes and sizes and are fully customized to your project.  Plus to get maximum efficiency and the best outcome, you may need additional tools such as a blanker, stripper or counterplate.  In order to get the best die package for your design, start by gathering the answers to these 10 questions below.

Bobst press
steel rule die
  1. Equipment – On what kind of press or equipment will the steel rule die run?
  2. Substrate – What type of substrate will be used?  What is the substrate thickness in pointage?
  3. Number of Runs – What is the targeted number of runs for your steel rule die?  Is reknifing required?
  4. Die Life – What is the planned number of impressions or the length of each run?
  5. Layout – How many positions are in the layout?  Is it a combination layout?
  6. One-Up – Is a one-up available?
  7. Blanking and Stripping – Does the project involved blanking and/or stripping?
  8. Special Features – Are there special features in the project such as windows, embossing or braille?
  9. Critical Tolerances – What are the critical tolerances for the project?
  10. Market – Different markets (pharmaceutical, food, etc.) have specific requirements and tolerances.  In which market will this piece be sold?

Not sure?  Our Sales and Customer Service teams are always ready to walk you through the ordering process.  Give us a call!